My motivations to start blogging

I must confess it took me a while to put this blog together. And I don’t mean the frontend or the backend. That was the easy part. I mean accepting and embracing the inevitable consequences of sharing identifiable information online. But I will expand on that in a future post.

My motivations to start blogging are the following:

  • To get more visibility on my career in tech.
  • To create a space where to share side projects.
  • To put myself out there.
  • To accomplish one of my IDP goals at Sucuri/GoDaddy (I set this for 2018).
  • To share pictures of my dog.

My main goal is to open source my day to day learning about development of web services and their securityonline securitymarketing and technical writing.

This is a huge side project!

To make it work I plan to share a small piece of content every month.

I want to give a special shout out to Alycia Mitchell. my manager at Sucuri/GoDaddy, for keeping her door/chat always open to discuss MBO/IDP goals with the same priority (this says a lot about a manager!). And also for being the one who came up with the domain name based on my really vague description.

This is the very first entry in my blog, thank you for being here!

If you want to reach out, I’m on Twitter.